Replace the Fluids that Help your Vehicle Run

Our cars, big rigs, tractors, and trucks have many fluids that keep them running. Just like our bodies, if we didn’t have fluid in them, we wouldn’t make it. Make yourself aware of these fluids and how to best deal with maintaining regular levels in them with the help of the service team here at BMW of Nashville.

Transmission fluid lubes the gearbox, shifter, and related parts. You should switch out transmission fluid every 100,000 miles, at the very least. Engine oil must also be changed every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Although some recommend changing It more frequently, doing so isn’t always necessary, unless the car is in bad shape. Coolant, also called radiator fluid, is in the radiator, and keeps our engines from overheating. This is important to have, and should be swapped out every few years through our factory-trained BMW service technicians.

Schedule your next service appointment at BMW of Nashville today and let us keep your fluids in check, rather than taking such responsibility on yourself.

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