Traveling with Leftovers

Around the holidays is the perfect time to bust out some of those favorite family recipes. Whether it is grandma's cut out cookies or mom's stuffing, the holiday season is the time to have family and friends over, enjoy a good meal and spend time with those that you love. When it is time for everyone to leave, you may be tempted to pass on some of those leftovers.

Feel free, but maybe plan so you can do so and trust that your leftovers will still be intact when they get back to their new home. Not to mention, you want your loved ones to be safe traveling with food. There is a wide variety of different containers that you can buy that are disposable and perfect for taking on the go. They are usually plastic, and you don't care much when it comes to not getting your dishes back.

If your current ride can't handle all that food, consider stopping by so you can browse our inventory and find the perfect fit for your needs.

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