Your battery does not actually power your vehicle's internal and external lights, windows, sound system, defroster, and many other powered features of your vehicle. Surprisingly, it's your alternator. Your battery only provides the initial burst of electrical power to start your car.

The alternator is a part that contains a belt-controlled pulley, and it is bolted on the main engine block. While an engine runs, the spinning pulley causes the alternator to generate the required electricity for many vital engine functions. However, over a long period of time, alternators wear down and produce less energy. This leads to dimmer lighting, slower window motion, and breakdown of additional parts - as well as your car.

Fortunately, it is quick and easy to check the health of your alternator. Bring your vehicle to our auto repair facility in Brentwood, TN and we'll measure the output of both your battery and alternator. Don't wait for a breakdown this driving season. Call us today for an appointment and peace of mind!

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