Signs that Your Car's Fuel Pump is Failing

Being able to identify signs that the car's fuel pump is failing will keep you from getting stuck with a car that won't start. Here are a few of those warning signs you can look out for, supplied by the BMW of Nashville auto parts team.

One of the ways to identify trouble with the fuel pump is when you feel the car surging at high speeds. Maybe you have the cruise control on, and suddenly the car is bucking as fuel is being fed and denied to the engine. One of the obvious signs of fuel pump trouble is when there is suddenly a loss of power as your vehicle is put under stress. Usually if you are hauling something heavy or towing a car, your vehicle will begin to struggle to maintain a certain speed when the fuel pump is beginning to fail.

If you suspect the fuel pump is failing, get to our dealership in Brentwood, Tennessee before you wind up stranded somewhere on the highway.

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