Avoid a Bumpy Ride: Service Your Suspension

Winter driving is not only stressful, with black ice and drivers who think they are all in four-wheel-drive snow trucks, but it can also be a rough ride. The extreme changes in temperature, combined with salt and snow plows, can create large pot holes and uneven driving services. There is an advantage to this, however. Winter provides a great opportunity to pay attention to your suspension and determine whether or not it may need to be brought to BMW of Nashville for servicing.

As the shocks and struts on a vehicle start to wear out, they become less stiff. As a result, they do not resist bumps and pot holes like a properly-functioning suspension. You will notice that rough roadways start to become nearly unbearable, and hitting a bump can nearly send you into the roof of the cabin.

If you notice that this winter has felt more like riding in Santa's sleigh than in your comfy car, reach out to our BMW service team in Brentwood, TN an appointment today.

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