BMW 3 Series Are Iconic Vehicles

In 1975, BMW developed the blueprints for BMW 3 Series cars. Throughout the years, the engineers modified the designs in order to enhance the brand's most popular features. After over 40 years of updates and modifications, current BMW 3 Series now include practical handling and steering hardware with options that benefit a variety of drivers.

Many automobiles in the current product line have a distinctive design scheme. For example, on the interior housing, you'll find a stylish kidney grille, and the shape of a typical trim has an arch layout that reduces wind resistant on the road. BMW 3 Series cars also have strategic performance features that can boost fuel efficiency. Because the frame distributes weight in a very effective way, heavy cargo doesn't burn gas quickly.

BMW of Nashville is a reputable dealership that arranges test drives in a BMW 3 Series vehicle. We provide test drives on various roads in Brentwood, Tennessee and surrounding areas.



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