Why is Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminated?

The tire pressure lights alert drivers when something is potentially wrong with the car tires. Keep these things in mind if the pressure light comes on in your vehicle.

If it is the cold of winter, low temperatures could cause the pressure to drop and trigger the sensors to tire trouble. When the heat of summer is extreme, it could raise the pressure in the car tire and trigger the sensors. Usually when the temperature drops, the sensor will turn off.

One reason the indicator light is on could be that something is stuck in the tire. If a nail or screw is lodged in the tire, air could be escaping and triggering the pressure indicator. If the tire tread has severe wear patches or is coming loose from the tire, get the tire inspected.

Bring your vehicle to the BMW of Nashville parts and repair center so we can inspect the tires if the pressure lights keep coming on.

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