Discover a Simple Way to Test Your Car's Battery

If you own a voltmeter, you have everything you will need in order to test the battery in your car. Before you can test the battery, you must turn off the ignition in the car and make certain the vehicle’s lights are off. Before connecting the voltmeter to the car battery, check to see if there is any corrosion on the battery terminals. Remove the corrosion with a wire brush or terminal cleaning tool.

Connect the positive cable (red) from the voltmeter to the positive end of the battery. Connect the negative cable (black) from the voltmeter to the negative end of the battery. If the battery is in good shape, the voltmeter will give back a reading of 12.4 or higher. If the reading is under 12.2, it might not have enough cranking power left.

If your car battery is giving you trouble, visit our BMW service center in Brentwood, TN so we can run some tests or replace if needed.

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