Most drivers wish to stay safe when they jump behind their wheels and hit the roadways everyday. There are many ways for these drivers to achieve this goal, and these include by driving carefully, giving the vehicle needed repairs, and giving vehicle tires the necessary attention. In particular, rotation is a tried-and-tested way for vehicle owners to keep their tire tread wear patterns under control and working to their benefit.

Rotating tires during oil changes or after every 5,000 miles of driving is very important, but it's also important for drivers to rotate tires in a way that is consistent with their transmission types. For example, a special pattern of the rear cross is often used for all-wheel or four-wheel drive transmissions. During this rotation pattern, the back tires move to the front and stay on the same side of the vehicle, while the front tires move to the back and cross over to the opposite side.

Drivers who operate vehicles like large sedans or lightweight trucks often benefit from the X tire rotation. This tire rotation pattern is relatively simple, and basically involves moving each wheel diagonally. Drivers and operators of vehicles with front-wheel drive can often benefit from the forward cross tire rotation pattern. This simple pattern involves moving the rear wheels diagonally the front part of the vehicle while at the same time moving the front tires straight back from their positions.



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