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Signs that Your Car's Fuel Pump is Failing

Being able to identify signs that the car's fuel pump is failing will keep you from getting stuck with a car that won't start. Here are a few of those warning signs you can look out for, supplied by the BMW of Nashville auto parts team.

One of the ways to identify trouble with the fuel pump is when you feel the car surging at high speeds. 

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Why is Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminated?

The tire pressure lights alert drivers when something is potentially wrong with the car tires. Keep these things in mind if the pressure light comes on in your vehicle.

If it is the cold of winter, low temperatures could cause the pressure to drop and trigger the sensors to tire trouble. When the heat of summer is extreme, it could raise the pressure in the car tire and trigger the sensors. Usually when the temperature drops, the sensor will turn off. 

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Explore the Importance of Tire Tread

Tire tread is a part of your car that is actually of great importance, although many Brentwood, TN drivers may not know why it’s so important to maintain. Tire treads are the grooves or cutouts in your tires. The reason behind these treads is to allow water to pass underneath your tires when you drive on them. Without adequate tire treads, driving over water would be quite dangerous and possibly result in hydroplaning or slipping.

Tire treads must be at least 2/32 of an inch deep to be street legal, however even deeper is recommended. 

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Replace the Fluids that Help your Vehicle Run

Our cars, big rigs, tractors, and trucks have many fluids that keep them running. Just like our bodies, if we didn’t have fluid in them, we wouldn’t make it. Make yourself aware of these fluids and how to best deal with maintaining regular levels in them with the help of the service team here at BMW of Nashville.

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OEM Parts Provide Incredible Value

People sometimes don't know whether or not they want OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket parts for their vehicles. If your vehicle needs any type of part replacement, you need to explore both options with care and dedication. Our team here at BMW of Nashville is happy to help illustrate some of the key differences.

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Why Should You Use OEM Parts in Your BMW?

If your BMW is in need of a part, there are two directions in which you could go to find one: the straight, reliable route towards OEM parts or the twisted, winding path towards aftermarket parts. We tend to think the first path is the best one as well as the easiest.

What are OEM parts?

Original equipment manufacturer parts are parts designed by the manufacturer for your type of vehicle. The same care and quality that went into your BMW also go into genuine OEM BMW parts, resulting in parts that are guaranteed to suit your vehicle the way…

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BMW 7 Series: New Innovations Prove The Future Is Now

The BMW 7 Series introduces a variety of game-changing class innovations. One such boast-worthy addition is the Rear Executive Lounge, featuring our Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof. The glass contains more than 15,000 engravings, which only enhance an already captivating lighting experience. Additionally, available reclining seats and footrests coordinate with the vehicle's Touch Command option, ensuring an effortlessly luxurious backseat ride, so you can lean back and enjoy the view.

These contemporary additions…

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