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BMW 7 Series Overview

As the company's flagship full-size luxury sedan, the BMW 7 Series has long been one of the world's most beloved cars. A symbol of both social status and automotive prowess, it is still constantly reinventing itself with up-to-date technology while retaining all the things that make it unique.

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Which BMW Will You Choose?

We here at BMW of Nashville understand how important your next new car is and how carefully you select the features and style. Our team is here to help with that process and want to give you an overview of the BMW i Models.

At the core of these popular luxury EV models is a frame engineered with electric vehicles in mind. 

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Stay on Top of Your Tire Health with These Tips

Have you noticed that the tire tread on your BMW model looks worn down? It might be time to replace your tires. Tires are the most important safety features your car has, so checking on them regularly to make sure they're in good condition is imperative.

How worn is too worn?

Use a penny to find out! Insert the penny top-first into the tire tread. If you can still see Lincoln's head, your tire tread is too worn down and it is time to replace the tires.

How do I keep my tires from wearing down?

Tire tread…

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BMW of North America Wins Bid to Supply LAPD with 100 BMW I3 Electric Vehicles

In a press release from yesterday, BMW proudly announced that it is the winning bidder to provide the Los Angeles Police Department with electric vehicles. The automaker will provide 100 all-electric BMW i3s for the department's transportation fleet...

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BMW is Innovating Wheelchairs for the Upcoming Paralympics

We learned some exciting news about BMW today. No, it isn't the release of a new vehicle. Instead, BMW is using its innovative nature to create aerodynamic wheelchairs for the Paralympics. This isn't the first time BMW stepped out of its comfort zone.

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