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Signs that Your Car's Fuel Pump is Failing

Being able to identify signs that the car's fuel pump is failing will keep you from getting stuck with a car that won't start. Here are a few of those warning signs you can look out for, supplied by the BMW of Nashville auto parts team.

One of the ways to identify trouble with the fuel pump is when you feel the car surging at high speeds. 

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This Part in Your Vehicle Does More Than You Think

Your battery does not actually power your vehicle's internal and external lights, windows, sound system, defroster, and many other powered features of your vehicle. Surprisingly, it's your alternator. Your battery only provides the initial burst of electrical power to start your car.

The alternator is a part that contains a belt-controlled pulley, and it is bolted on the main engine block. While an engine runs, the spinning pulley causes the alternator to generate the required electricity for many vital engine functions. 

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Discover a Simple Way to Test Your Car's Battery

If you own a voltmeter, you have everything you will need in order to test the battery in your car. Before you can test the battery, you must turn off the ignition in the car and make certain the vehicle’s lights are off. Before connecting the voltmeter to the car battery, check to see if there is any corrosion on the battery terminals. Remove the corrosion with a wire brush or terminal cleaning tool.

Connect the positive cable (red) from the voltmeter to the positive end of the battery. Connect the negative cable (black) from the voltmeter to the…

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Why is Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminated?

The tire pressure lights alert drivers when something is potentially wrong with the car tires. Keep these things in mind if the pressure light comes on in your vehicle.

If it is the cold of winter, low temperatures could cause the pressure to drop and trigger the sensors to tire trouble. When the heat of summer is extreme, it could raise the pressure in the car tire and trigger the sensors. Usually when the temperature drops, the sensor will turn off. 

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Avoid a Bumpy Ride: Service Your Suspension

Winter driving is not only stressful, with black ice and drivers who think they are all in four-wheel-drive snow trucks, but it can also be a rough ride. The extreme changes in temperature, combined with salt and snow plows, can create large pot holes and uneven driving services. There is an advantage to this, however. Winter provides a great opportunity to pay attention to your suspension and determine whether or not it may need to be brought to BMW of Nashville for servicing.

As the shocks and struts on a vehicle start to wear out, they become less stiff. 

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Why is Windshield Wiper Fluid Important?

Windshield wiper fluid can make your driving experience much more satisfying by giving you a cleaner windshield to look out of as you navigate the streets of Brentwood, TN. A growing number of fluids that are out on the market have advanced detergents in them that help to clean even the most stubborn of windshield gunk off of a windshield without streaks. Water simply cannot do that.

Windshield wiper fluid also can be bought in a variety of colors. 

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Explore the Importance of Tire Tread

Tire tread is a part of your car that is actually of great importance, although many Brentwood, TN drivers may not know why it’s so important to maintain. Tire treads are the grooves or cutouts in your tires. The reason behind these treads is to allow water to pass underneath your tires when you drive on them. Without adequate tire treads, driving over water would be quite dangerous and possibly result in hydroplaning or slipping.

Tire treads must be at least 2/32 of an inch deep to be street legal, however even deeper is recommended. 

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