BMW 3 Series

Haven’t you ever wanted to enjoy the low monthly payments of a lease while still benefiting from all the advantages of ownership through a conventional loan agreement?

Well, your dreams have come true, as BMW now gives you the best of both worlds!

Beyond the Drive

The best financing is your prelude to the best BMW experience.

It’s so simple: You establish a time period up front for which you make low monthly payments. When the period ends, you’ll have an additional payment, fully disclosed at the beginning in writing so that you know your options with no surprises:

  • You can buy the vehicle with one last payment
  • You can refinance your remaining balance with BMW Financial Services
  • You can sell or trade your vehicle, and you POCKET THE DIFFERENCE if your vehicle is worth more than your remaining balance

Benefits of BMW Select

  • Make lower payments: In states where leasing is disadvantaged by tax laws, BMW Select permits you to make reduced monthly payments. You’ll enjoy greater value from your BMW vehicle, and retain more of your money so that it’s WORKING FOR YOU.
  • Protect your options: :You have flexible end-of-term options while enjoying the advantage of paying less each month throughout the set term.
  • Avoid lease-return hassles: Leases can hamper your style by restricting vehicle personalization and charging you for excess wear at lease-end. With BMW Select, say goodbye to all those hassles.
  • No mileage restrictions: Don’t let a lease restrict your mileage in a BMW, the ultimate driving machine. With BMW Select, you own the vehicle and can drive it to your heart’s delight.
  • Enjoy pride of ownership: Simply pay your final balloon amount and receive your BMW’s title. The vehicle is now all yours to do with as you see fit!

Visit BMW of Nashville today for more information about our innovative BMW Select program!